St. Louis Story Stitchers

Camille Hogan

The mission of St. Louis Story Stitchers is to document St. Louis through art and word to promote understanding, civic pride, intergenerational relationships and literacy.

Story Stitchers provides artistic mentorship for Black youth, ages 16-24, with the skills and platforms to amplify their voices as advocates and organizers, connect youth with mentors and community leaders, strengthen networks across economically and racially diverse communities, advance public education on racial inequity, and create positive systems to help heal the trauma residents across the St. Louis region.

Programming includes youth working with professional artists to collect and document stories through art, writing and performance. The Collective’s body of work focuses on gun violence prevention and topics related to public health issues.

Deaconess Foundation provides funding to St. Louis Story Stitchers through the Responsive Grant portfolio to support their efforts in building a community of youth, professional artists, and residents who respect and support one another. Funds help support the creation of a new youth arts and technology hub in Grand Center which is opening soon.

Learn more about St. Louis Story Stitchers here.