Leading Liberation Retreat Series

Camille Hogan

As an institution grounded in the pursuit of healing, Deaconess Foundation seeks to invest in holistic opportunities for enhanced health and well-being for leaders of color. In recognition of the deep and intensive work of movement building for organizers, advocates, and Black leaders across the bi-state region, we are offering an experience specifically crafted for Black women who are catalyzing change.

The Leading Liberation Retreat Series, designed by Rebeccah Bennett, Brittini Gray, Rev. Gabrielle Kennedy and Dr. Billie Mayo creates safe containers for Black women change makers to experience restoration, liberation and culturally responsive healing practices. This series includes three distinct experiences:

  1. An introduction to the intersections of liberation and well-being;
  2. Personal liberation and healing for the servant leader; and
  3. Seeding the healed future through community liberation.

The first retreat session was entitled “Standing at the Crossroads: An Introduction to the Intersections of Liberation, Healing & Well Being.” Attendees had opportunities for group processing and individual reflection exploring the interconnectedness of liberation and healing. A prevailing theme that was reiterated for participants throughout the day long intensive was “You and your well-being matter.”

These retreats are free to attend and for anyone that identifies as a Black woman within a Deaconess partner organization. Updates will be provided in 2023 for future retreat dates and registration openings in the spring and fall next year. For questions, contact Program Manager Deleshā George.