St. Louis Children Face Many Challenges...

While St. Louis is often known as a great place to raise a family, that perception is hardly a reality for families living in poverty. Children are the poorest demographic of people in the nation and our region.

Gaps in civic infrastructure and power inhibit the well-being of nearly 640,000 children in the St. Louis region.

There are nearly


in metropolitan St. Louis
of Students

in East St. Louis graduate


Cases of Child Abuse

are reported in St. Louis county

St. Louis city
ranks dead last
among the state’s 115 counties in the composite ranking of economic well-being, health, safety and education
In Madison County, Illinois,
One in Five children
lives in poverty
of households

in Missouri are led
by a single parent


children & youth receive mental health aid

In St. Charles county
Deaconess Foundation focuses its efforts on the 8 counties in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

City of St. Louis
Franklin County
Jefferson County
St. Charles County
St. Louis County


Madison County
Monroe County
St. Clair County