Deaconess Foundation Accepting Proposals for up to $600,000 in Community Investment Funding

Deaconess Foundation (Deaconess) is currently accepting proposals for up to $600,000 in community investment funding through its Mission-Related Investments initiative. The initiative provides low-interest loans to social impact organizations with exceptional capital management and a strong commitment to advancing the health and well-being of children and families in the St. Louis region. Social impact organizations include nonprofit service providers, advocacy groups, community development financial institutions (CDFIs), credit unions, nonprofit financial intermediaries, and social enterprises. Deaconess created Mission-Related Investments to expand community access to financial capital and subsequently, build local capacity to achieve positive outcomes for children.

“We’re proud to invest in organizations in our community that are providing the supports children and families need, and we look forward to selecting what we know will be a strong group of investment recipients,” said Cheryl D.S. Walker, Interim President and CEO of Deaconess Foundation. “When we reinforce key pillars in the region with the capital they need to execute their mission-governed work, everyone in St. Louis is uplifted, including children and youth, the emerging leaders of today.”

Mission-Related Investments are an integral part of Deaconess’ ongoing commitment to socially responsible investing and falls under its goal of spending up to two percent of the market value of the Foundation’s endowment, or up to $1 million, on community investments. Since 2017, Deaconess has dispersed $1 million in total funding through its Mission-Related Investments initiative to three organizations: Justine PETERSENIFF, and Employment Connection. Deaconess’ partnerships with these organizations have helped to strengthen St. Louis families, provide economic supports, and increase access to quality early childhood care and education and health care.