We are called to protect and advocate for the most vulnerable population among us, and the urgency of that call is particularly felt in these challenging times.

Deaconess is supporting a movement for children and youth with partners, like you.

To make child well-being a civic priority in the St. Louis region, we need our partner organizations, the faith community, servant leaders, nursing scholars, child advocates, community organizers and volunteers speaking up, together.
Deaconess invests, engages and advocates with grant partners, volunteer leaders, young adult servant leaders, a cadre of nursing scholars, 220 churches and countless child advocates and community organizers throughout an eight-county region in St. Louis and Southern Illinois to advance our child well-being policy agenda.
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Health Care
All children of the St. Louis region should have universal access to comprehensive mental, physical and dental care, supported by a trauma informed care approach, a network of school-based health centers and the benefits of Medicaid expansion.
Economic Mobility
Families in the St. Louis region should be able to achieve economic stability within one generation in an environment marked by fair chance employment practices, family-supporting wages and asset-building supports.
Justice & Equity
All children of the St. Louis region should receive just treatment under the law, with specific emphasis on contact with the state’s systems for juvenile justice and foster and adoptive care.
Early Childhood Education
All children of the St. Louis region should enjoy full access to quality early childhood care and education from birth to Pre-Kindergarten.
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