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St. Francis Community Services received a Responsive Grant for “Justice for Immigrant Youth & Families.” While St. Francis has done excellent direct-service work for some time, this project focuses on advocacy for immigrant children.

Foundation support will allow St. Francis to staff a new position, the Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, through the Loretto Volunteer program. The role exists to influence policymakers to create opportunities for children and families of the affected population to improve their economic stability, and to influence members of the broader community to affirm the dignity of our immigrant neighbors and be mobilized as agents of change. The Loretto Volunteer Program pairs volunteers with social justice organizations- either in advocacy or direct service roles- for a year of service. Although Loretto Volunteers have evolved based on Catholic social justice teaching, the program welcomes volunteers of any faith.

In this effort, St. Francis Community Services will augment their service work with advocacy among immigrant client populations and the community-at-large. Join St. Francis in their advocacy, by learning more here.