Rustic Roots Sanctuary

Camille Hogan

Rustic Roots Sanctuary is a sustainable farm and retreat space located in the Spanish Lake community of North St. Louis County. It is intended as a holistic healing space for residents, of whom majority are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). Rustic Roots Sanctuary is also home to GROW Spanish Lake, an organic garden, and it serves as a teaching space for sustainable agriculture and the necessity of good nutrition.

Rustic Roots Sanctuary aims to increase access to healthy food while creating sustainable food systems. The organization offers learning sessions for the community including those centering youth and seniors with an intent to positively effect health outcomes in its community.

Deaconess Foundation provides funding to Rustic Roots Sanctuary through the Responsive Grant portfolio to support their efforts in bringing community together to sustainably overcome food limitations.

Learn more about Rustic Roots Sanctuary’s upcoming programs and events at their website: