Jamaa Birth Village

Michael Shultz

Jamaa Birth Village is a 501(c)3 non-profit Maternal Health organization located in Ferguson, Missouri serving the greater St. Louis metro area. Through its comprehensive and first of its kind “Equal Access Midwifery Clinic”, Jamaa Birth Village provides culturally based traditional and evidence-based Midwifery + Doula care, Perinatal Mental Health Care, Holistic Therapy, Spa Services, Childbirth Education and so much more! Since 2015, Jamaa has supported 500+ families with perinatal care. Their goal is to lower prematurity and the infant & maternal mortality/morbidity rates that are significantly higher for Black women through community-led and woman-centered care.

Jamaa Birth Village has been experiencing a record influx of new patient requests for in-person and virtual Doula support and Midwife care. Often, these patients are turned away from their current providers or are choosing to avoid hospitals due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deaconess partners with Jamaa through funding from the COVID-19 Equitable Relief and Recovery Fund. With this support Jamaa Birth Village is able to provide direct service to their patients in the form of rental and utility assistance and covering the cost of care provided by Jamaa Birth Village. For the foundation, this advances our commitment to both family economic mobility and access to comprehensive healthcare.

To get involved with, support or receive support from Jamaa Birth Village visit their website.