Fathers & Families Support Center

Constance Rush

Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC) is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by encouraging committed and responsible parents. Since 1997, FFSC has worked to break the cycle of poverty, child neglect and abuse, and welfare dependence by educating and preparing fathers to become responsible parents with the financial stability to support their children materially and the parenting skills to support them emotionally and developmentally.

FFSC has been a staple for families in the community, transforming men into responsible and involved fathers and reuniting them with their sons and daughters. Since 2015, FFSC has been offering Parenting In Partnership, a co-parenting project designed to support women in their efforts to become positive role models and proactive mothers for their children. Through its partnership with the Department of Corrections, FFSC also assists incarcerated parents by bringing its 6-week Family Formation program (with year-long follow up) to the downtown Transition Center of St. Louis. Along with parenting skills, economic stability and building healthy relationships, FFSC offers career certification resources and job placement to clients who are incarcerated and transitioning back into the community as productive, responsible citizens. Since 2002, FFSC also served at-risk youth in the community through its Youth Leadership and Development Program, offering one-on-one mentoring, GED and college prep, job placement, group field trips and more.

Deaconess Foundation funds Fathers and Families Support Center through our Leadership Grant Portfolio. A former Impact Partner since 2008, the Leadership Grant funds capacity building sustainability work for the organization, including investment in governance and strategic planning alongside staff training and development.

Learn more about Fathers & Families Support Center: fatherssupportcenter.org.