Annie Malone Children & Family Services

Constance Rush

Annie Malone Children & Family Services was founded in 1888 as the St. Louis Colored Orphan’s Home. Helping St. Louis families for more than a century, the agency today has grown into a multi-service center in the community, addressing social and education needs of children and families in crisis and at-risk throughout St. Louis. Annie Malone’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children, families, older adults, and the community by providing social services, educational programs and advocacy.
Deaconess Foundation supports Annie Malone Children & Family Services through our Leadership Grants portfolio to assist with orientation, support, education, guidance, and strengthening of board members through trainings and consultation focused on board governance, board development, and strategic planning.  Deaconess’ Leadership Grants support the efforts of chief executives of strong child-serving organizations as they engage the field to shift policy and align actions for the well-being of children in the St. Louis metropolitan region. These grants extend the Foundation’s relationship with its former Deaconess Impact Partners (DIP).
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