Alive & Well Communities

Constance Rush

Alive and Well Communities was formed in 2017 by the joining of two separate initiatives focused on activating communities in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois to heal and address trauma experienced by residents. The organization is dedicated to shifting cultures and systems and helping people develop pathways to healing, well-being and equity. The mission of Alive and Well Communities includes:

  • Naming racism and systemic oppression as trauma that impacts the well-being of all;
  • Disrupting systemic oppression and respond to the impact of historical trauma to foster healing for current and future generations;
  • Elevating community wisdom by centering those who are most impacted; and
  • Leading innovative solutions based on the science of trauma, toxic stress, and resiliency.

Deaconess Foundation supports Alive and Well Communities through our Responsive Grants portfolio. We are supporting their re-launched Alive and Well Youth Ambassadors program, a 9-month fellowship for students enrolled in grades 9 through 12 in St. Louis area schools. The fellowship builds the students’ understanding of how trauma impacts individuals and systems-level outcomes, as well as providing the skills to advocate for change in their schools and communities.

Learn more about Alive & Well Communities on their website: