We know grantmaking alone will not create the conditions for our children to thrive. So, we have committed to leveraging all of Deaconess’ non-grant assets to complement our community investments and provide our Partners with the supports needed to advance child well-being. Since the release of the results and recommendations of our Power Moves Assessment, we have worked closely with our Partners to clarify our support offerings and the resources available to Funded Partners. 

 We found the most utilized and valued supports are our peer-learning experiences and partner trainings, convening space offerings, and amplification of Partners’ work across our social media platforms.

Our hope is to continue to refine and strengthen our levers of support in collaboration with our funded Partners to meet the needs of our community.


Support partners in strengthening AND leveraging  capacity to be stronger and more effective advocates for children and youth


Support partners in building power to shift public policy for children by optimizing the space, place and network of deaconess center for child well-being

To learn more about any of these supports, please contact Kiesha Davis, Director of Partnership & Capacity Building, at: kieshad@deaconess.org.