Leadership Grants

Leadership Grants will support the efforts of chief executives of strong child-serving organizations as they engage the field to shift policy and align actions for the well-being of children in the St. Louis metropolitan region. These grants extend the Foundation's relatonship with its former Deaconess Impact Partners (DIP).

Partners will:

  • Sustain the capacity building culture enhanced by previous DIP investment by requiring fidelity to strategic planning, board development, succession planning, financial modeling, and diversity, equity and inclusion practices within their organizations;
  • Incentivize leadership within networks and systems to strengthen the region’s capability to achieve better outcomes for children and youth;
  • Participate in peer learning opportunities that focus on readiness for, and engagement in systemic change, including a retreat for chief executives only; and
  • Participate in ongoing assessment and evaluation efforts.

One year grants of up to $10,000 will be available to Deaconess Impact Partners.

As a resource, please read the Dawn of System Leadership by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, and John Kania. This article informed development of our Just for Kids Theory of Change and this funding opportunity in particular.



Applications will be available soon and are due April 30, 2018.