Funding Opportunities


Deaconess Foundation endeavors to strengthen the region’s capability to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth through collaborative engagement and investment with diverse partners to improve systems and sustain actions that have long-term impact on the health & well-being of children.


Deaconess Foundation invests in systemic change through community engagement, policy development, and advocacy efforts in four inter-related zones of work with the following desired impact:


Funding Opportunity Brief Description Proposal Deadlines Average Award Amount
Responsive Grants 1-2 year project support for policy development, advocacy, or organizing efforts that pursue systemic change

Quarterly Cycle

February 15, 2018

April 30, 2018

July 31, 2018

October 31, 3018

Up to $15,000 per year
Leadership Grants Closed opportunity for former Deaconess Impact Partners to sustain capacity-building culture and advance child well-being policy April 30, 2018 Up to $10,000
Policy Campaign/ Collaborative Grants Project support for development of research or community campaigns to inform and animate public witness of Foundation on behalf of children Ongoing $100,000
Scholarship Grants Administered by The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis and The St. Louis American Foundation to support Deaconess Nursing Scholarship Program for local students with demonstrated financial need

April 17, 2017

Determined by Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis



We welcome funding requests from organizations that engage in policy and advocacy. We support organizations engaged in public policy and advocacy by either providing general operating support or support for efforts such as policymaker education, nonpartisan research, analyses of broad social issues or technical assistance. We encourage funding applicants to describe the nature of advocacy activities in their grant applications, so that we may ensure compliance with federal tax laws.