Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define “health?”

The Foundation defines health broadly, and takes a public health approach to prevention and wellness, seeking to improve the health and well-being of children. This recognizes that poverty and racism are key factors that negatively affect health.


What is the primary focus of your funding?

We are leaders in improving the health of St. Louis’ most vulnerable children. We do this by investing in endeavors that improve the well-being of children, engaging our region around the plight of children’s well-being, and advocating for change. Our major grant programs focus on organizational capacity building through investments in institutional infrastructure and community capacity building through investments in civic infrastructure.


What are your funding opportunities?

Our current available opportunities are in the areas of community-capacity building, nursing scholarships and church-related grants. For detailed information about our 2016 Community Capacity funding opportunities, please click here.


When are Deaconess Impact Partners selected? Can we apply for one of the grants?

Deaconess Impact Partners are chosen every four years.  We are currently not accepting applications as the current round of partners was selected in 2012 for a four-year engagement through the end of 2016.  For a list of current or former Impact Partners, please click here


What kinds of organizations are you funding for advocacy?

For more information about our advocacy grant program, please click here.


What records or information do you currently retain from the hospital system?

When the hospital system sold to Tenet Health Systems in 1997, all medical records and employee information was transfered to Tenet.  Tenet no longer maintains medical records from the Deaconess system.  All medical records were destroyed after the legally allowed waiting period.  Tenet does retain the employment records.

Information regarding birth and death records can be obtained from the Missouri Department of Vital Records.  They can be reached at (573) 751-6387 or by clicking here.


Other Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time.